Monday, June 24, 2013

Recipe: Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Gnocchi

My ingredients for these are pretty simple.
Sweet potatoes
Whole wheat flour
Salt, pepper, and basil.

Start by baking the sweet potatoes.
Once they're done, skin them and put them in a mixing bowl.
Mash them and mix with the flour. I don't have amounts specified, because I don't actually measure things when I cook. A simple way to follow this: just add flour in small amounts, about 1/4cup until it thickens up into what you'll see in the next image.
Now, you should have a ball of dough. There should be extra flour in the bowl too.
Break apart the dough and roll it into ball-shapes, taking some of the extra flour and patting it down as you go.
I like to flatten each gnocchi with a fork.
Sidequest - this is the garlic that goes into my sauce. :-)
Boil the gnocchi with olive oil so they don't stick and then strain them.
Once you strain them, let them sit to dry up a bit.

For my sauce, the recipe is: 1lb plum tomatoes, mushrooms and onion to taste, a bulb of garlic chopped, salt, pepper, a little sugar, 1 small can of tomato paste, 2tbsp evoo.
Boil and skin the tomatoes, and put them in a blender to finely chop them up.
Add puree, seasonings, and paste to a pot and cook. Very simple.
Finished product. I made these to have for dinner with my girlfriend, so they're for the day after.

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  1. Im so impressed with your blog and pictures. Thank you so much for not selling anything. I read a lot of slick sites -- yours is a blog, I know. But I quickly looked up and down for your sales of something.

    This is so damn good. Thanks for the picture, they really help. Very very well done. Put more up! I will look around. Thanks. Don't take this blog down!