Monday, September 9, 2013

Current Workout Schedule for Sept.

Current Schedule is something like this...
3-Day Cycle, 2x per week.


  • Squats, 3x10, pullups between sets.
  • Lunges, 3x10, calve raises between sets
  • DeadLift, 3x8, 60 second plank between sets.
  • Leg Press, 3x10, calves extensions between sets at the same weight.
  • Leg Extensions on Lever machine, 3x12
  • Leg Lifts, 4x10 60 second side planks between sets, alternate sides each time.
  • Weighted back extensions, 4x10.
  • Bicycle kicks, 3x100, standing 1-leg knee raises between sets, 25x per leg.
  • Jack knifes, 5x10
  • Front leg lifts, 5x10
  • Mountain climbers, 1x100.
  • Bench, 5x5
  • Incline Bench, 5x5
  • Triceps dips, 3x10, light kickbacks between sets (5-10lbs usually)
  • Front shoulder raises, 3x12, 5lbs rotator cups between sets
  • Dumbbell or cable flies, 3x12, burpees between sets.
  • Incline dumbbell flies, 3x12, diamond pushups between sets.
  • Skull crushers, 3x12, heavy kickbacks between sets (20+lbs)
  • Overhead triceps extension, 5x12

Back/Biceps - I do this as a full circuit, 3 times.

  • Pulldowns, 3x12
  • Underhand Pulldown, 3x10
  • Low Row, 3x12
  • 1 Arm DB Rows, 3x12
  • Biceps Curls, standing, 3x10
  • Hammer Curls, standing, 3x10
  • Shoulder Shrugs, 3x10
  • Preacher Curls, 3x10
  • Lateral shoulder raises, 3x12 
  • Bent lateral shoulder raises, 3x12
  • Incline curl, 3x10

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2013

Hey all,

Few things...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but there's a reason for this. I'm the type that goes through phases and I get bored of things quickly. At the moment, I don't have anything worth sharing, and on top of that, work is absolutely draining me.

That said, I made some delicious salmon and zucchini salad the other night for dinner, but unfortunately, I didn't document it.

That said, I'm currently at a point where my health / nutrition / fitness is a personal journey that I'm not up for sharing. It's very likely that I will get back into it, just as I go through phases of deactivating Facebook and reactivating it sporadically.

I'll be back.

Until then, take care of yourself. There's plenty of motivation out there.